How Does a Drone Light Show Work?

Drones have rapidly become a popular tool for various applications, including aerial photography, package delivery, and even entertainment. One of the most fascinating applications of drones in recent years has been the creation of drone light shows, which have captivated audiences around the world.

Electric Airshows, as the leading UK drone light show company, have pioneered the technologies behind the drone light shows over the last few years, but…

How do Drone Light Shows work?

A drone light show involves a fleet, or swarm, of drones that are programmed to fly in precise formations, creating intricate patterns of light in the night sky. The drones are equipped with LED lights that can change colour and intensity, allowing for a wide range of visual effects. The result is a stunning display that is choreographed to music and can be seen from miles away.

How do we create a Drone Light Show?

The first step in creating a drone light show is to program the drones. This involves designing a flight path and assigning specific actions to each drone. The drones are controlled by a central control computer, which sends commands to each individual drone to ensure that they all fly in sync.

The programming process used to take several days, but recent developments in 3D visualisation software have slashed the programming time considerably. Each movement and light change must be carefully planned and tested throughout the flight to ensure separation, visual effects, and of course flight safety and integrity.

Once the drones are programmed with their show file – the list of where to be and what to do, they are ready to take to the sky. The drones are launched from a central location, and then they take off and fly to their designated positions. Once all of the drones are in place, the show begins.

A group of people enjoying a drone light show display

Synchronising Drones With Music

The drones are synchronised to music using a special software program that ensures that each movement and light change is perfectly timed to the beat of the music. Electric Airshows have pioneered the choreography of the Drone LightShows to other media forms using techniques such as Midi/SMPTE timecode etc.

Precise Movement

The drones can be programmed to perform a wide range of movements, including spirals, circles, and figure-of-eights. The LED lights on each drone can be changed in real-time, creating a dazzling array of colours and patterns, logos and animations.

One of the most impressive aspects of Drone light shows is their precision. Because each drone has freedom of movement in all three dimensions, the flight movements and light changes can be incredibly precise. This allows for the creation of complex patterns and shapes that would be impossible to achieve with traditional fireworks displays.


Another advantage of Drone Lightshows is their safety. Unlike fireworks, which have an inherent risk Drone Lightshows are completely safe and eco-friendly. Electric Airshows are currently working towards NetZero certification using wind and solar energy to power the drones in our swarms. Because the drones’ flight paths are calculated en-masse by computer, there is no risk of human operations error.

Drone Light Shows are More Popular Than Ever

Drone light shows are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of events, including concerts, festivals, and corporate events. They offer a unique and memorable experience for audiences and can be customised to fit any theme or occasion. With their stunning visuals and precise movements, drone light shows from Electric Airshows are sure to continue to captivate audiences around the world.

Client testimonials

Electric Airshows integrated a Drone Light Show element to our fireworks and multimedia extravaganza, bringing a new creative medium to the skies above our venue.

Chris Carter, Merlin Entertainments

Working with Electric Airshows added a dynamic drone light show element to our private show, which alongside the fireworks and pyrotechnics created a new multi dimensional experience for our guests.

Jon Kellett, Starlight Design

To fly the nation state flag, offshore, at such short notice, bought to our event an element never previously seen and made a huge impact on social media

Dashka Tolkecheva, UA Events

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