How Many Drones Do You Need for a Drone Light Show?

Drone light shows also known as Aerial Light Shows or UAV Light Shows have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a unique and captivating visual experience. These shows are created by coordinating the movement of multiple drones equipped with LED lights, resulting in mesmerising formations and patterns. However, the question we get asked the most at Electric is:

“How many drones do you need for a Drone Light Show?”

The answer to this question depends on various factors, such as the desired size and complexity of the show, the available budget, and the availability of take-off and landing space. Typically, Drone Light Shows can utilise a few dozen to several hundred drones, depending on our client’s requirements for the event or performance.

For smaller shows, such as those for private events or smaller public displays, a minimum of 30 to 50 drones may be sufficient. This number allows for basic formations and patterns to be created, such as hearts or simple geometric shapes. However, for more complex shows with intricate designs and detailed movement, a minimum of 200 to 300 drones is recommended. This larger number of drones allows for more intricate and complex patterns to be created, such as logos or portraits.

For the largest Drone Light Shows, such as those for major events like the Super Bowl or the Olympics, 600+ drones may be required. Recently to support the F1 races, over 1,000 drones have been flown in a swarm. These shows require a significant amount of planning and coordination, as well as advanced drone technology capable of precise movement and synchronization.

In addition to the number of drones, other factors must also be considered when planning a Drone Light Show. These include the weight and size of the drones, the range and battery life of the drones, and the lighting and colour capabilities of the LED lights. The drones used in a show must be capable of communicating with the central control system, ensuring that they move and light up in perfect synchronisation.

The number of drones needed for a Drone Light Show depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the show, the available budget, the location, ground infrastructure, launch space etc. For smaller shows, a minimum of 30 to 50 drones may be sufficient, while larger shows may require hundreds or even thousands of drones. As drone technology continues to advance and become more accessible, at Electric Airshows we expect to deliver even more impressive and captivating Drone Light Shows in the future.

Client testimonials

To fly the nation state flag, offshore, at such short notice, bought to our event an element never previously seen and made a huge impact on social media

Dashka Tolkecheva, UA Events

Electric Airshows integrated a Drone Light Show element to our fireworks and multimedia extravaganza, bringing a new creative medium to the skies above our venue.

Chris Carter, Merlin Entertainments

Working with Electric Airshows added a dynamic drone light show element to our private show, which alongside the fireworks and pyrotechnics created a new multi dimensional experience for our guests.

Jon Kellett, Starlight Design

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