Why Drone Light Shows are Changing the Face of Entertainment

An example of one of Electric Airshows drone light shows

In recent years, drone light shows, also known as Aerial Light Shows or UAV Light Shows have become increasingly popular as a new form of entertainment. Electric Airshows have pioneered these shows using hundreds of drones equipped with LED lights to create stunning, choreographed displays in the night sky.

While traditional fireworks displays have long been a staple of entertainment, drone light displays are quickly becoming a new favourite due to their unique capabilities and advantages.

Drone Light Shows Are Versatile

One of the biggest advantages of a drone light show is its versatility. Unlike traditional fireworks displays, Electric Airshows’ drone displays can be performed indoors or outdoors, in any weather conditions, and can be set up quickly and easily. This makes them an ideal choice for events where fireworks may not be possible, such as in urban areas where there may be noise restrictions, or in areas prone to wildfires or other hazards.

Precise Entertainment

Another advantage of drone light sbhows is their precision. Drones offer an exceptional advantage in terms of precision. These displays utilise drones equipped with advanced GPS technologies, enabling them to achieve flawless formation and craft intricate shapes and patterns in the sky. This level of precision surpasses the limitations of traditional fireworks displays, which are susceptible to the influence of environmental factors like wind.

Safer Than Fireworks

Additionally, drone light shows are much safer than traditional fireworks displays. Fireworks can be dangerous, both to those setting them off and to those watching the display.

In contrast, drone light shows are completely computer controlled and can be performed with minimal risk to the audience or the performers. This makes them a popular choice for events where safety is a top priority, such as sporting or marketing events, concerts and Son et Lumiere’s.

But perhaps the most impressive advantage of drone light shows is their ability to create stunning visuals that simply cannot be achieved with traditional fireworks displays. By using LED lights on the drones, these shows can create complex and dynamic shapes and patterns that seem to float in the night sky. The lights can be programmed to change colours and intensity, creating a dazzling display that is both beautiful and mesmerising.

Environmentally Friendly

Drone light displays are also environmentally friendly, as they do not produce any smoke or debris that can harm the environment. This is an important consideration, especially in areas where pollution and waste are major concerns.

Finally, drone shows are changing the face of entertainment by offering a new and exciting form of entertainment that appeals to a wide range of audiences. From music festivals and sporting events to corporate events and even weddings, drone light shows are becoming increasingly popular as a way to add a touch of magic and wonder to any occasion. As technology continues to evolve and improve, Electric Airshows are leading the way with even more amazing and innovative drone displays.

Drone Light Shows are Changing the Face of Entertainment

By offering a new and exciting form of entertainment that is versatile, precise, safe, environmentally friendly, and visually stunning. With their ability to create complex and dynamic shapes and patterns in the night sky, drone displays are quickly becoming a popular choice for events of all kinds. Whether you are planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a music festival, a drone light show is sure to leave your audience in awe and make your event one to remember.

Client testimonials

Electric Airshows integrated a Drone Light Show element to our fireworks and multimedia extravaganza, bringing a new creative medium to the skies above our venue.

Chris Carter, Merlin Entertainments

Working with Electric Airshows added a dynamic drone light show element to our private show, which alongside the fireworks and pyrotechnics created a new multi dimensional experience for our guests.

Jon Kellett, Starlight Design

To fly the nation state flag, offshore, at such short notice, bought to our event an element never previously seen and made a huge impact on social media

Dashka Tolkecheva, UA Events

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