Why Drone Light Shows Compliment Firework Displays

A firework display and drone light show

Firework displays have been a staple of celebratory events for centuries. The bright, colourful explosions in the sky captivate audiences of all ages and create a memorable experience. However, with the advancement of technology, a new player has entered the game: Drone Light Shows.

Also known as Aerial Light Shows or UAV Light Shows, some may argue that Drone Light Shows will replace traditional fireworks displays, the reality is that these two technologies complement each other rather than one replacing the other.

Firework Displays vs Drone Light Shows

First and foremost, Drone Light Shows offer a level of flexibility and creativity that traditional fireworks displays simply cannot match. Fireworks are limited in their design and execution by their physical properties.

They can only explode in certain shapes and colours, and their trajectory is predetermined by the launch location. Drones, on the other hand, can be programmed to create any pattern or design imaginable, and they can be flown in a variety of formations to create stunning visual displays.

Drone Light Shows Are Environmentally Friendly

Another advantage of a drone display, is that they are much safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional fireworks displays. Fireworks are notorious for causing fires, damaging property, and harming wildlife.

They also produce a significant amount of air and noise pollution. Drones, however, are operated remotely and pose little risk of fire or property damage. They also emit no harmful gases or loud explosions, making them a more sustainable option for outdoor events.


Furthermore, drone light shows can provide a more immersive experience for audiences. While fireworks are certainly impressive to watch, they can also be overwhelming and even frightening for some individuals, particularly those with sensory sensitivities. Drones, on the other hand, offer a more controlled and synchronised display that can be choreographed to music or other audio-visual elements. This can create a more harmonious and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Unique and Memorable

Finally, drone light shows can offer a unique and memorable addition to traditional fireworks displays. By combining the two technologies, Electric Airshows have worked with a wide range of event organisers creating dynamic and multi-dimensional experiences that will leave a lasting impression on audiences. In the past we have deployed a drone light show to create a stunning opening sequence, followed by a traditional fireworks display to create a grand finale.

In conclusion, while some may argue that drone light shows will replace traditional fireworks displays, the reality is that these two technologies can work together to create a truly unique and memorable event. Drone light shows offer flexibility, creativity, safety, and environmental sustainability, while fireworks offer a time-honoured tradition and a sense of excitement and awe. By combining the two, event organisers can create a truly unforgettable experience that will leave audiences wanting more.

Considering a drone light show instead of a firework display for your next event? Contact Electric Airshows.

Client testimonials

To fly the nation state flag, offshore, at such short notice, bought to our event an element never previously seen and made a huge impact on social media

Dashka Tolkecheva, UA Events

Electric Airshows integrated a Drone Light Show element to our fireworks and multimedia extravaganza, bringing a new creative medium to the skies above our venue.

Chris Carter, Merlin Entertainments

Working with Electric Airshows added a dynamic drone light show element to our private show, which alongside the fireworks and pyrotechnics created a new multi dimensional experience for our guests.

Jon Kellett, Starlight Design

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